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Partnership with Forever Manchester

For 2019-20, we’re proud to be partnering with Forever Manchester.

Forever Manchester are a fantastic local charity that funds and supports a wide range of community projects across Greater Manchester. Rather than tackling one particular issue, the charity support a variety of different people through a wealth of activities and organisations, from funding social projects for the elderly to helping disabled people get involved with different sports.

Since 1989, Forever Manchester has delivered a noteworthy £36m into community projects across Manchester; through getting involved with their fundraising events and organising our own, we hope to push this figure as high as possible.

So far, we’ve completed the Manchester 10K run, hosted a pub quiz night and cooked up a storm for Feastober, raising vital funds for the charity. If you are interested in partnering with us for a future event for Forever Manchester, please get in touch.

Forever Manchester

A big thank you to RECLAIM

From 2016 until mid-2017, we worked with RECLAIM to help support young people across Manchester from working class communities. Coming from a working class background himself, Stephen Beech was lucky to have a stable, supportive family to remain focused on working hard for what he believed in. Other bright young people from the same background don’t always have that chance. This is where RECLAIM does a great job. The charity aspires young people to do positive things and earn confidence to get their voice heard. We’d like to thank RECLAIM for all of their hard work in transforming the lives of young people and for being a brilliant charity to work with.



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